Your unexpected journey...

On the road less traveled

Child Benefits

Accessing benefits for which your child is eligible to support their authentic needs.

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Family Identity Statement Development

Sharing your principles and values expresses your expectations for the respect your child deserves.

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Special Directions©

Communicating what others need to know to “step into your shoes” for now and the future.

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Protect Your Family's Future

As the parent of a child or an adult child with a disability, you are on “The Road Less Traveled.” It’s a challenging road that no one ever expects to find themselves on, but one that can lead to a fulfilling life for you and your family if you plan appropriately. If you’re looking for services and resources to plan for a more positive future for your loved one with a disability, you have come to right place.

Although every family is different — making every journey unique — I can help provide directions for the road less traveled. I invite you to explore the services I offer and contact me with any questions you may have to begin creating your plan today.

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