Children With Unique Abilities and Their Right to a Quality Education
The Denver Post | November 06, 2016
Children With Unique Abilities and Their Right to a Quality Education describes a monumental opportunity for children with untapped potential to receive the same quality of educational supports and services as their peers.
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How We Live
LinkedIn | January 25, 2016
Planning for the future is a reflection of how we live and an imagination of a desirable future. So, why don't we want to talk about it?
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Disability Systems Navigation Syndrome
LinkedIn | August 10, 2015
My son’s disability resource coordinator asked, “How come you know more about Eli’s benefits than I do?” “Because his life depends upon it,” I replied...
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Transitioning for Youth with Intellectual Disabilities - A Family Experience
LinkedIn | June 04, 2015
If we are lucky, our future is inevitable. Presuming good luck, all reasonably healthy youth are expected to transition into adult life. Our children’s and, as parents, our own expectations for their adult life are shaped by innumerable conscious and unconscious factors...
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Firely Autism's Laugh Yourself Blue a howling success!
Denver Post | April 24, 2015
Inspired by the struggles of her son, Eli, who lives with 36 medical conditions including autism, Heartlight Award recipient Betty Lehman helped pass 14 state laws that benefit those with special needs. One of them requires private health plans in Colorado to pay for autism-related medical treatment.
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