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In addition to my core service offerings — Family Identity Statement Guidance, Benefits Consulting and Coaching for the parent perspective Letter of Intent, Special Directions, Development — when appropriate, I also provide the services below:


Gathering credible and actionable information about the countless services and supports that can affect a child living with a disability can be time-consuming and confusing. Identifying what information is needed and filtering through the wealth of options out there is a skill I have honed throughout my nearly three decades living in the disability community. I can reduce large volumes of information to manageable starting points for families who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of tackling specific areas of concern for their loved one.

Advocacy Training

It is critical for any parent or guardian of a child living with a disability to effectively advocate for the rights and benefits of their child. Empowering a parent by teaching them appropriate, useful advocacy skills, serves them and their child on a continual basis for the remainder of their lives. Everyone has varying levels of natural skills in this area. However, everyone has the potential to serve as a powerful advocate for their child when equipped with the right knowledge and training. For those who need support in this area, I offer training on how to effectively communicate with the various providers and entities involved in your child’s treatment and care to get desired results.

Family Meetings
Once a family completes their Special Directions, they may desire a follow-up discussion session with family members and friends. They may also wish to include support personnel, agencies, legal and financial and consulting representatives. I can host and facilitate family meetings.

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