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The comedian, George Burns, famously said,

“I like to think about the future because that is where I am going to spend the rest of my life.”

Planning for the future is different for families with children with special health care needs and developmental challenges. 

Will our children be able to support themselves? Will they be able to live independently?

The antidote to future concerns is to have a flexible, comprehensive, coordinated life care plan for the entire family. A family needs to articulate what they want, know how they are going to pay for it and consider the need for legal documents to protect both their assets and their loved ones.

To prevent gaps in planning, comprehensive life plans have three considerations:

Financial, Legal, and of profound importance, Disability Advisory services.

My purpose as a Disability Advisor is to enrich families' understanding about benefits and resources with relevant, accurate information as well as referrals to reliable resources to make informed choices for an action plan – for now and the future.

I also support families' focus on the future they would like to live with tools I developed from a parent perspective for this purpose, including a Family Identity Statement and a Letter of Intent document called Special Directions, capturing their individualized opportunities and challenges.

My process includes:

• Review current resources and challenges
• Educate on eligibilities and benefits
• Integrate family's unique values and principles in their planning
• Coach on Special Directions and completion strategies
• Refer to resources, providers, nonprofits, and programs
• Provide coaching support for research methods and advocacy
• Support the creation of an effective plan of action

To know in your heart and in reality you have a strategy in place for the supports others will need if you are not able to act will bring great peace of mind to you and to the people you love.

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