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Being the parent or guardian of a child with special needs requires more than love, compassion, and dedication. It requires planning, organization, and resourcefulness to identify, coordinate, and manage the various doctors, therapists, and support systems necessary to allow your child to thrive.

My services empower parents and guardians to get the most out of all available resources and put appropriate plans in place to allow their child to live the most fulfilling life possible, all while taking the needs of their entire family (including parents) into consideration.

I work in "sessions" that include:

• Family Identity Statement – describing your unique values and principles, what your children expect from others
• Special Directions, your parent perspective Letter of Intent, Template and Coaching - implementation and completion strategies
• Review of Current Plans and Recommendations from a Disability Advocacy perspective
• Eligibility and Benefits Discussion
• Accessible Resources and Referrals to providers, nonprofits and programs
• Follow-up email with information discussed, the Special Directions template and Family Identity Statement exercise, coaching support for research methods and advocacy recommendations

I understand that each client and each family has unique circumstances and dynamics at play, requiring a slightly different approach to meeting their needs. Please contact me today to start the conversation on how I can be of service for your unique needs.

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