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“When you and Melissa presented your program, it was an awakening. Wow! Someone was working on the very same issue we were dealing with. A bit of light shone on me. After so many years of feeling my way through the dark on my own…

I have so often thought of you and how you helped our daughter and our family to the place where we are today. And I think of the road behind us.

Our family is closer than it has ever been. An enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. And you are the person most valuable of all. I thank you so much.” 
–  Susan Whittlesey, Parent

When helping clients develop their Family Identity Statement and parent perspective Letter of Intent, Special Directions, it’s inevitable that financial and legal questions arise related to Estate Planning. As part of my comprehensive approach to the development of the documents I help clients create, I partner with highly reputable financial planning firms and law firms.

I often coordinate presentations as a team to organizations and groups around Colorado to educate on the various components that need to be considered when planning for the present and future well-being of their special needs child and their entire family.

Do you know of a company, school, social group, or other organization that would benefit from attending a presentation on the components of comprehensive disability planning? If so, please contact me today to schedule one of our complimentary presentations.

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