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Colorado’s benefit systems for people with disabilities, whether a child or an adult, are band-aided together. They weren’t developed with a top-down approach, so, it is difficult finding those who can successfully navigate this tangled maze.

The extreme complexity creates conflicting information about resources and eligibilities which is a barrier to access. When I ask families questions to learn what benefits they do have, many have stories of incorrect information, bewildering evaluations and being discouraged from applying.

It’s my challenge to not only know how benefits actually work, but also to be able to clearly communicate to families so they can make educated choices.

Eligible people with disabilities deserve access to supports to meet their needs. Families deserve access to understandable, accurate information, not only about benefits, but other community resources as well.

These benefits account for more than 77% of funding for people with intellectual disabilities. Your planning requires an understanding of what those benefits and eligibilities are to determine if they may be appropriate and useful. I provide that information, plus a wealth of reliable community resources to enhance quality of life.

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