My Journey on "The Road Less Traveled"

Before Eli (BE), I was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for one of the “big eight” accounting firms in the 1980's.  Then life unfolded...

By the time my son, Eli, was a year old I was operating as a single parent on his behalf. By his sixth birthday, Eli had 36 medical diagnoses, one of which was autism. It was heart-breaking, scary, frustrating, and exhausting — but it was also infuriating. The world of disability funding, supports and services nearly three decades ago was a landscape of sparse resources and fragmented terrain. Our tragedy was not simply Eli’s fragile health and delayed development, but that I had to devote as much time navigating and fighting systems as I did taking care of my son.

To create a more just, responsive and humane world for Eli – and all Colorado families with special needs children – I became a statewide leader for change. Working within the Colorado early intervention system, public and private health insurance industries, disability initiatives and medical practices, I successfully:

  • Spearheaded 14 Colorado statutes to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families
  • Served as the Executive Director for The Autism Society of Colorado
  • Chaired the Colorado Autism Commission and the Colorado Division of Insurance Consumer Council

Since being “drafted” into the wonderful and terrifying world of disability, I have been determined to truly “serve”...not only my son, but all children and families on “The Road Less Traveled” by sharing the wisdom I have gained through policy work, working with hundreds of families, and parenting Eli through our struggles and our triumphs.

Today, Eli is a thriving young adult. He still has significant needs, but our lives as a family and as individuals are fulfilling and rewarding. The key to our great outcomes is planning. I know that if it is possible for us, it may be possible for you, and this is why I offer my services as a disability advisor through Lehman Disability Planning.

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